Monday, January 18, 2010

Historical Marker Database

National and global events all happened somewhere, and historical markers mark the place where many occurred. But the richness of history is in its local details, details that can be insignificant on the global stage: the home of an individual who made a difference; a natural feature, building, byway; or something interesting that happened nearby. History is not just about the high and mighty.

Markers tell stories and point out facts. There are countless thousands of great stories marked by markers—and some boring ones too. Some markers simply recite facts while others are insightful, obscure, cryptic, patriotic, fascinating, sad, funny, or just downright bizarre. Many of those markers are on these pages, others are waiting for you to discover and add them to this database.

So hit the road and experience history first-hand yourself. History happened nearby.

View some of these historical markers on the website, The Historical Marker Database. Upload photos you've taken of historical markers to share with others. Or view markers you may not have seen before.

I believe this will become the "FindAGrave" of the Historical Marker community!

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Very interesting site, thanks for posting about it!