Saturday, January 16, 2010

Surname Saturday - January 16, 2010

Today I’d like to introduce you to my Tuckwiller line.

1. Cynthia Ann Beane – b. 1959

2. Walter Maxwell Beane – b. 1938; M. Lois Velleda Dreher [b. 1938] in 1958
                             Ch. Cynthia, Velleda, David, Jeffrey

4. John Monroe Bean – b. 15 Dec 1866, Cincinatti, Ohio – d. 10 Apr 1954, Waiteville, Monroe, WV; M: Mary Elizabeth Faudree [1897-1975] on 01 Dec 1935, Clifton Forge, Alleghany, Virginia
                           Ch. Walter, Edsel, Roy

9. Margaret Smith Perkins – b. 03 Mar 1826, Greenbrier County, [W]VA – d. 11 Jun 1891, Monroe County, WV; M: William McHarvey Bean [1832-1890] on 26 Aug 1852 in Monroe County, [W]VA.
                          Ch. Unnamed, Viranda C., Samuel, William, Viranda E. “Betty”, John, Alice, Nanny

19. Elizabeth Tuckwiller – b 08 Nov 1779, Greenbrier County, [W]VA – d.28 Jul 1867, Greenbrier County, WV; M: Rev. Samuel Parkin [1778-1854] on 15 Sep 1812 in Greenbrier County, [W]VA.
                          Ch. Cathy, Joseph, Nancy, Elizabeth, John, Ballard, Rachel, Margaret, and Catherine

38. John Tuckwiller – b. 1752, Virginia – d. 18 Feb 1832 Rich Hollow, Greenbrier, [W]VA; M: Catherine Riffe [1762-1823]about 1777, believed to have been in Greenbrier County, [W]VA.
                           Ch. Hannah, Elizabeth, Esther, David, Barbara, John, Daniel, Caty, Nancy, Rachel, Mary

76. Thomas Tuckwiller – d. 20 Oct 1774, Shenandoah County, Virginia; M: Sabina Unknown
                           Ch. John

I have been able to confirm all individuals in this ahnentafel except for Thomas and Sabina. While there are numerous Thomas Tuckwiller listings for Shenandoah County, all transactions appear to have been after the date of death. [All information I have on Thomas is shown above, and comes from another family researcher.]

Working through the Shenandoah County Will book, I came across the following entries:

1768, May 25 Entry obtained by Thos Takewiller in the Late Proprietor's Office for about 400 acres #963, surveyed 1 Nov 1787, actually 119 acres [Shenandoah County Survey Book 1785-1794].

1774, Sep 27 John Duckmiller administrator of Thomas Duckmiller, John Duckmiller, Henry Whitich, and Samuel Stover enter into a bond in the Dunmore County Court [Shenandoah County Willbook A page 66].

1774, Oct 20 Inventory of the estate of Thomas Tuckwiller, appraised by Philip Baker, George Hern, and Martin Comer, John Tuckwiller administrator, was returned and ordered recorded on 27 Dec 1774 [Shenandoah Willbook A pp 72-3].

One researcher theorizes that Thomas’s wife’s name was actually Sybilla, or Sybillia. There is a Shenandoah County marriage bond for Jacob Wollf and Sybilla Dockwiller dated 21 Sep. 1774.

Of course, this runs amuck the date of death we have for Thomas. However, if John and Thomas “Duckmiller” listed above as actually John and Thomas Tuckwiller, then John appointed the bond for administrator of Thomas’ estate on 27 Sep 1774, which of course meant he predeceased this date. An inventory of Thomas Tuckwiller’s estate was appraised on 20 Oct 1774 [the date we have for his death]. So, the marriage bond for Sybilla/ Sybillia “Dockwiller” and Jacob Wollf would have been entirely appropriate.

On 01 Nov 1787 Jacob Wollf was present at the survey for Thomas “Takewiller” property in Shenandoah County, VA [Survey Book 1785-1794, p93]. He is also listed on the 1787 Shenandoah County, VA personal property tax list.

Then from “Our Families” [Larry Shuck - Publisher: Gateway Press (1995); ASIN: B0006F58MY - pp. 253-257] I find the following children listed for Thomas Tuckwiller and Sybilla [not Sabine] as:

John 1752-1832 married Catharine Riffe moved to Greenbrier Co., (West Virginiaa maybe as early as 1778

Sivily 1761-1860 married William Henson at Botetourt Co., Virginia, 1785. Death record indicates she is a daughter of Thomas. Christopher Hedrick swore in Sivily's pension application that she was his sister-in-law as well as stating the two were sisters [his wife and Sivily]. She moved to Greenbrier Co., (West Virginiaa.

Mary 1762-1861 married Christopher Hedrick at Greenbrier Co., (West) Virginia 1787. Death record listed parents as Jno. and Sabina Tuckwiller. [While son John did, indeed, have a daughter Mary, she found married to Abram Coffman in the Greenbrier County records, and her death record lists her as Mary Coffman. Thus ending any confusion of whose child she was.]

Nancy married Anthony Schoe at Greenbrier Co., (West) Virginia 1781. No proof she is a daughter of Thomas.

Thomas married Anna (-) Burner at Shenandoah Co., Virginia, 1789. No direct proof that Thomas was son of Thomas.

Daniel moved to Montgomery - Bedford Co., Virginia, area, no proof he is a son of Thomas.

I should probably have saved this for my Madness Monday blog! As you can see, it’s quite the “maddening” research!

It is my hope to finally uncover who Thomas Tuckwiller was. His birth place and date. And hopefully find his long-lost parentage.

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