Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ode To The Family McBean

The following is my submission to the current Carnival of Genealogy blogging event, which is an "Ode to my Family" event, in which a poem, rhyming or not, or a statement, regarding your family; something appropriate to introduce a book or a video about your family, is to be written for submission.

My biggest brick wall is old William McBean, whose two sons were surnamed simply Bean. To date, we still do not know for certain where old McBean came from, or his past. His son, William, left a wonderful trail of paperwork to get to know something of himself. But the father? Well, it's all a mystery.

And so, I give you,

Ode to the Family McBean

There once was a family McBean
Whose history just cannot be seen
We’ve looked far and wide
‘No access’, ‘Denied’
Their records, it seems, are wiped clean!

They crossed river and mountain
Past springs that flowed like a fountain
To a valley most green
Settled family Bean
At the base of the place - Peter’s mountain.

For the son of William McBean
Who on no father could lean
Became quite known and quite wealthy
His own sons strong and healthy
But old McBean’s records were wiped clean.

Where oh where was his past?
McBean came from what caste?
For his children-poor-worked for others
They became indentured brothers
McBean disappeared really fast.

So where to look for McBean?
Perhaps in a DNA gene?
With test then layed
No matches were made
There’s still no word on McBean.


Joan said...

Old McBean sounds like so much fun, I'm tempted to look for him myself --- and surely will keep and eye out for him.

Texicanwife said...

Oh thank you!!! We've been searching for MANY, MANY years collectively, and so far no luck!!!

Sherry - Family Tree Writer said...

I love this! I agree with Joan! I'm tempted to keep an eye out for him, too!

Like you, I've been searching for a long time for a Jones' ancestor, and he may never be 'unearthed.'