Saturday, January 30, 2010

Surname Saturday - January 30, 2010

Following the Tombstone Tuesday post, in which I blogged regarding Andy Morris and Lucy Caldwell [ancestors of my children – but not mine] I decided to follow through with my eldest son’s Ahnentafel and continue with the Morris family line.

Using Chris as #1 in the Ahnentafel, here is Chris’ ancestry through the Morris line:

1. Christopher Scott Adwell – b.WV; M: Patsy Annette Treadway

2. Andy Lewis Adwell – b. WV; M: Cynthia Ann Beane

5. Mary Lillian Jones – b.17 Mar 1932, Glace, Monroe, WV – d. 19 Sep 2002, Charleston, Kanawha, WV; M: Elmer Lewis Adwell [1933-1995] 24 May 1955, Union, Monroe, WV

11. Della Mae Morris - b. 04 Jul 1897, Glace, Monroe, WV – d. 25 Jan 1977, Glace, Monroe, WV; M: Charles Franklin Jones [1904-1958] abt. 1931

22. Andrew Lewis Morris – b. 10 Apr 1844 , Monroe County, [West]Virginia – d. 04 Dec 1936, Monroe County, West Virginia; M: Lucinda L. Caldwell [1852-1940] either 29 Apr 1878 or 03 May 1878 in Monroe County, West Virginia [there are marriage records for this couple on both of the dates listed].

          i. Martha A. Morris

          ii. John H. Morris

          iii. Walter Lee Morris

         iv. Ada F. Morris

         v. Andrew Lewis Morris, Jr.

         vi. Archibald Morris

         vii. Della Mae Morris

         viii. James Ernest Morris

         ix. Earnest Morris

         x. Birdie Morris

         xi. Lillian Stella Morris

44. Nathaniel Morris – b. 1801 Monroe County, [West] Virginia – d. aft 1870 Monroe County, West Virginia; M: Jane Ralston [1802-bet. 1850-1860] 14 Nov 1821, Monroe County, [West] Virginia.

         i. Margaret Morris

         ii. Jackson Morris

         iii. Mary S. Morris

         iv. Jennetta Morris

         v. Augustus Morris

         vi. John Nelson Morris

         vii. Andrew Lewis Morris

88. Thomas Morris – b. abt 1776 – d. Unk

         i. John Morris

         ii. Pleasant Morris

         iii. Nathaniel Morris


Bob Baker said...

What a great find!! I have been unable to come up with any parents of John Nathaniel Morris until I view you blog this morning. Do you think the sons, John and Nathaniel, may have been one person John Nathaniel?? I was unable to verify the parents of Andrew Lewis Morris until about a year ago, now you have provide me with another generation. Where did you find the information on Thomas??

Bob Baker (ggg grandson of Thomas)

Texicanwife said...

Please email me at and we can share notes.

I actually located Thomas in Census records after being steered in the correct direction from online posted trees. [Yes, it is okay to use those trees to help you locate sources! I often refer to an online tree as my "Map". Once I see someone else has found a person I am researching, and they have put in possible dates and places for them, I can then go looking for the "cold, hard, facts" to either prove or disprove their posts.] And that's just how I located Thomas. He is located on the 1820 Census for Monroe County.
You asked if I thought John and Nathaniel Morris may be one and the same individual. Yes, as a matter of fact that is a theory of mine. I found Nathaniel on the 1820 Census. But no later. While I have John on the 1830 and 1840. Definitely a possibility they are the same person. I still have so very much work to do on this particular line for my children!
[I truly need 30-hour days!!!]