Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday - January 5, 2010

Phillip B. Crozier
28 Jan 1823 - 14 Feb 1883

Phillip was born the third child to James Crozier and Sarah Beamer. [The Crozier family name is often found spelled in two different ways - Crozier - and Crosier. Mambers of the same family are found spelling it in both fashions.] He was born in Monroe County, [W]Virginia, we believe near present day Gap Mills.

We know that Phillip was married sometime before 1851 to an unknown woman. From that marriage was born two children: Hannah E. [b. unk] and James Lewis [b.12 Mar 1851 - d. 20 Jul 1921].

On 14 Dec. 1854 Phillip married Mary Ann Brown in Monroe County, [W]VA. Mary Ann was the daughter of Anderson and Agnes Brown. Phillip and Mary Ann went on to have three children: Augustus Columbus [b. 10 Sep 1855 - d. 07 Jan 1944]; Anderson Clark [b. 23 Oct 1856 - d. 08 Jun 1949] and Samuel H. [b. 06 Aug. 1858 - d. 22 Jun 1931].  Mary Ann died shortly after the birth of Samuel.

On 20 January 1864 Phillip married Agnes Clark [b. 1839], the daughter of Robert and Elizabeth Clark, in Monroe County, WV. Phillip and Agnes then went on to have three children: George Henry [b. 24 Mar 1865 - d. 05 Dec 1928]; Harvey Phillip [b.10 Apr 1867 - d. 15 Feb 1951] and Charles Andrew [b. 14 Jun 1877 - d. 13 Feb 1935].

Phillip died on 14 Feb 1883 in his home in Zenith, Monroe Co., WV. He is buried in the Crosier Family Cemetery, also in Zenith.

Agnes lived until 27 Nov 1913, dying in her home in Zenith. At this time, the whereabouts of her grave are unknown.

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