Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday - January 26, 20101

Andy L.Morris and Lucy E. Caldwell Morris

Andy Lewis Morris was born 10 April 1844 in Monroe County, [West] Virginia to Nathaniel Morris and Jane Ralston. He married Lucinda “Lucy” E.V. Caldwell , born 27 October 1852 – Craig County, Virginia,daughter of Jacob Caldwell and Susan Huffman; in Greenbrier County, West Virginia on either 29 April 1878 or 02 May 1878. There are two marriage records for this couple, one on each of the two days listed here; so I am not sure which is the correct date. The one for 02 May does list the minister who performed the ceremony, Rev. V.W. Wheeler, so perhaps it is the correct one.

Andy and Lucy had at least 11 known children: Martha, John, Walter, Ada, Andy, Archibald, Della, James, Earnest, Birdie and Lillian.

Andy and Lucy are buried at the Hylton Cemetery, Glace, Monroe County, West Virginia.


Bob Baker said...

Just saw the article in the Monroe Watchman on your recently published book. I decided to check out your Mountain Genealogists web site and was surprised to see the gravemarked of my great grandparents Andrew Lewis "Lou" and Lucy Ellen Virginia Caldwell Morris. There is another marriage date of 3 May 1878 in an article in the 17 May 1878 edition of the "Border Watchman.". Birdie Morris who died at age 30 of goiter surgery was my grandmother.
I need to get back to checking out your site.

Bob Baker

Texicanwife said...

Thank you for responding! Yes, the couple's actual marriage date is a bit of a conundrum. Perhaps we'll never know the true date.
These are my ex-husband's ancestors and so my children's as well, which is why I have been researching the lines for them. I am afraid I haven't spent nearly as much time on them as I should, being so busy with everything else that I do!
I hope you enjoy the site, and feel free to leave comments!

Bob Baker said...

If any of your children are interested in the Morris line let me know. I have 680 descendants of Andrew Lewis & Lucy Ellen Morris in my database.


Texicanwife said...

Wonderful! Please email me at texicanwife@hotmail.com I would love if you could send a gedcom!