Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Phillip Crozier - Revisited

After posting about Phillip yesterday, my cousin, Mandy, who is researching the Crosier/ Crozier line, sent me an email regarding Phillip.

Mandy states that Phillip appears to have married a Sarah Ann Kinsley about 1848. This marriage is listed on the US and International Marriage Records, 1560-1900 on She also located the couple along with daughter Hannah on the 1850 census [ in District 29, Monroe Co., VA, Household #469]. Phillip is listed as 27 and Sarah as 18 years of age.

Their son, James Lewis Crosier's death certificate lists his mother's maiden name as "McKinsley".

I searched today for marriage records in both Virginia and West Virginia for the couple, but was unable to locate them on any index or in published records. Since Hannah appears to be 1 year of age in the 1850 census, we can presume that the couple were married approximately one year prior to her birth, or in 1848. Thus making the US and International Marriage Record appear correct. We can also presume they were not married earlier, due to Sarah's youth at the time of the census.

The Crosier links are several to my main family research. My grandfather, John Monroe Bean, Sr.'s brother, Samuel Waite Bean, married Martha Ann Crosier. And my grandfather's first wife was Blanche Uremia Crosier. [Martha Ann "Mattie" and Blanche were 1st cousins, once removed . Mattie's father Thomas, and Blanche's grandfather, John,were brothers.]

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