Saturday, January 9, 2010

Another Star Trek Fan

After seeing Sheri Fenley's post on the Armchair Genealogist and how she looks as a Vulcan, I decided to visit the Cheeze It's site and see what I would look like. Well there are a variety of characters to choose. But being the ever independent, somewhat bossy individual that I KNOW I am [see honey, I can admit it!], I chose the Romullus character. And here's what I look like. [Okay, so I probably could have chosen something a bit, ahem, more feminine looking! But hey, this was still a hoot!]

Create Your Own


Anonymous said...

That's great!!! I chose the Vulcan to go with 8-year-old me in my Brownie uniform!

Sheri said...

I just knew that some one out there would appreciate the Star Trek yourself fun and games.

Sometimes you just have to step away from the research and let your hair down! LOL