Saturday, December 12, 2009

Genea-Speak Award

Oops!!! It would appear the original design for the Genea-Speak Award closely resembles that of the National Genealogical Society!!! [My humble apologies to the NGS for allowing that to get by me! However, in my defense, the tree used in my design was actually found in some old clip art books I had, dating from the 1970's, and yes, I'm talking the old mimeo-graph kind of clip-art! While I did notice it looked slightly familiar, I did not realize what the familiarity was until Thursday, and set about replacing it forthwith!]

Behold, the new Genea-Speak Award!
This design, to the best of my knowledge, is neither copyrighted nor licensed, and if anyone knows otherwise, please let me know ASAP!
I do appreciate all of the sharp eyes out there who were quick to let me know of the controversy!
Many thanks!
And for those of you who have already received the award, I ask that you replace the one you may have placed on your Blog with the current one.
Many thanks to all!

1 comment:

geneabloggers said...

Thanks for the update! And I too remember the old mimeo-graphed clip art from the 1970s - anyone who had to do church bulletins and flyers can remember copying them and doing paste up, right?

I will replace my graphic later today - and thanks again for the award!