Thursday, December 10, 2009

86th COG - Genea-Santa Wish List!

86th Edition of the Carnival of Genealogy
“Genea-Santa Wish List!” Part 2

The challenge for the 86th Edition of the COG was to write [Part 1] a short tribute to those who have birthdays and/ or anniversaries from December to mid-January in our family.

And then [Part 2] to create a short list of what we’d like Genea-Santa to bring us.

Having already completed Part 1 of the assignment, it is now time to post my Genea-Santa wish list. So… here goes!

Dear Genea-Santa,

I have been a very good girl this year! I have been determined to blog daily regarding genealogy, and have pretty much kept that goal! I also have written, edited and mailed over 984 newsletters for my family; also making our newsletter digital just this past month, thereby going green for our planet! I have also enlarged our newsletter from a mere 4 pages a month, to over 40 pages a month! I have provided genealogy services for 106 paid clients this year, and provided services pro-bono for nearly 70. I have volunteered taking cemetery photographs and published those to FindAGrave. And I have performed volunteer transcription services for the LDS Family History Library. Yes, dear Genea-Santa, I’ve been a very good girl!

I don’t ask for you to bring me anything big this year, but it is something that I would dearly love to have!

Dear, sweet, kind Genea-Santa, if you could please give me just one item that would help me further my research on William McBean [my great-great-great-grandfather], I would be ever so grateful! I realize you may not have enough time to give me everything there is on him, but if you could just find it in yourself to give me even one clue that would assist me in finding out more about him, that would suffice for this year! Honest it would!

Now, dear, sweet Genea-Santa, I hope you aren’t making yourself too awful busy this time of year, and you find some time for yourself and the fine-tuning of your own ahnentafel. Perhaps organizing your own files and re-writing your family tree to include all of those adorable Genea-Elves!

And so, Merry Christmas Genea-Santa!!! [I’ll place my copy of FTM and a plate of cookies with a cup of milk on the mantel for you on Christmas Eve!]

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