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Tombstone Tuesday - December 15, 2009

Joseph Preston McCormack
20 Jun 1842 - 19 Mar 1915

Joseph McCormack was born in Monroe County, in what is now West Virginia in 1842 to parents [as of yet, Unknown].

He married Martha Caroline Bean [1836-1893], the daughter of William and Rachel [Wiseman] Bean, in Monroe County on 08 Jan. 1867 in Gap Mills. To them were born at least 3 children [and possibly a fourth]: Leonidas Wellington "Bud" [1867-1944]; Joseph P. [b. 1870]; Annie [1872-1934].

After Martha died in 1893, Joseph married Roena Porterfield [1865-1956] on 28 Oct. 1896 in Monroe County. And to Joseph and Roena were born five children: Arbana Elizabeth [1897-1976]; Norah March [Unk]; Edwin Powell 1902-1905]; Mary Perilee [b.1905]; and James P. [1909-1910].

The descendants of the latter children of Joseph McCormack's have been frequently noted to state that they are descended from the Bean's, when in reality, none are. In the confusion of the children of the first marriage calling the Bean's "aunt's" and "uncles", etc. the younger children assumed they were thus related, but in fact were not. Although there are those to this day that will say, "I know I'm related to you....I just don't know how!"

When Joseph died in 1915, Roena buried in the New Zion Union Church Cemetery at Waiteville, beside his first wife, Martha. The couple share this obelisk stone, which sits at the southeast corner of the church itself. After new additions were made to the church in the 1930's or 1940's, the church's new foundation is within 4 feet of the graves, so they have the distinction of being the persons buried closest to the church. As most of the church cemetery is also on the hillside, this is one of the few graves that sits on the level.

Incidentally, Roena Porterfield was married four times in her lifetime. Joseph was actually her second husband. Her first was to William "Billy"Ballad Preston Bean [1859-1893]. He was the nephew of Martha Caroline Bean, Joseph's first wife. After Joseph's death she married Samuel Lewis Bruffey [1858-1926] in 1917; and lastly Calvin Aliff [1856-1941] in 1933. When she died in 1956, she was laid to rest beside her first husband, William "Billy" Bean, within 30 feet of her second, Joseph McCormack.


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