Saturday, December 26, 2009

Surname Saturday - December 26, 2009

I should like to use one of the surnames I am associated with for this Surname Saturday, WISEMAN.

The Wiseman's, are indeed, an old family in the area in which I am from. And with an even older heritage, from England.

My ahnentafel to our oldest link reads as follows:

1 Cynthia Ann Beane [yep, that's my maiden name!] Daughter of Walter Beane and Lois Dreher. Married

2 Walter Maxwell Beane b. 1937 M: Lois Velleda Dreher. Son of John Monroe Beane and Mary Elizabeth Faudree.

4 John Monroe Bean - b. 15 Dec 1866 - d. 10 Apr 1954, Waiteville, Monroe, WV. M; [1] Blanche Uremia Crosier; M[2] Ada Burdette; M[3] Mary Elizabeth Faudree. Son of William McHarvey Bean and Margaret Smith Perkins.

8 William McHarvey Bean - b. 26 Aug 1832, Dropping Lick, Monroe, [W]VA - d. 14 May 1890 M: Margaret Smith Perkins. Son of William Bean and Rachel Wiseman.

17 Rachel Wiseman - b. 23 Apr 1790, Rockbridge Co., VA - d. 07 Nov 1856, Potts Creek, near Waiteville, Monroe, [W]VA. M: William Bean. Daughter of Joseph Wiseman and Elizabeth Bateman.

34 Joseph Wiseman - b.29 Mar 1759, Berks Co., PA - 27 Dec 1836, Monroe Co., [W]VA M: Elizabeth Bateman. Son of Isaac Wiseman and Elizabeth Davis.

68 Isaac Wiseman [Jr] - b. 18 Aug 1738, Amity Twp., Lancaster, PA - 03 May 1818, Monroe Co., [W]VA. M: Elizabeth Davis. Son of Isaac Wiseman [Sr] and Mary Marshall.

136 Isaac Wiseman [Sr.] b. 1700 aboard ship from England to America - d. 03 Feb 1779, Jersey Settlement, Rowan, North Carolina. M: Mary Marshall. Son of Thomas Wiseman and Elizabeth Renberg.

272 Thomas Wiseman - b.1680, West Penne, Wales, England - d. 14 Jul 1716, Germantown, Pennsylvanaia. M: Elizabeth Renberg. Son of Thomas Wiseman [Sr] and Mary Murlon.

544 Thomas Wiseman [Sr] - b. 1645, Wyndeham, Norfolk, England. M: Mary Murlon. Son of Edmond Wiseman.

1088 Edmond Wiseman - b. 1622, Wyndeham, Norfolk, England. M: Unknown. Son of Robert Wiseman and Jane Cooker [or Cooper].

2176 Robert Wiseman - b. 1595, Wyndeham, Norfolk, England. M: Jane Cooker [or Cooper]. Parents Unknown.

Of common stock/ ancestry, this is likely as far as we will ever get with this line.

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