Saturday, December 19, 2009

Surname Saturday - December 19, 2009

And the name today is Adwell.

While this name does not fall into my family tree, it does affect my family tree. It is the name of my first husband, and thus the name of all of my children. So this post is dedicated to Chris, David, Debbie, Mike and Crystal; my precious five! [Who incidentally are all grown, and have given me grandchildren to adore as well!]

We will begin with my ex-husband:

Andy L. Adwell - b. 1956, WV. M[1]: Cynthia Beane; M[2]: Lynda Unk. Son of Elmer Adwell and Mary Jones.

Elmer Lewis Adwell - b. 31 Oct 1933, Greenbrier Co., WV; d: 18 Sep 1995, Greenbrier Co., WV . M: Mary Lillian Jones 24 May 1955, Union, Monroe, WV. Three children. Son of: Sylvester Adwell and Naomi Bennett.

Sylvester Adwell: b. 09 Nov 1878, Greenbrier Co., WV - d. 11 Dec 1961, Greenbrier Co., WV. M: Naomi Bennett 23 Dec 1914, Greenbrier Co., WV. Ten children. Son of Enoch H.M. Adwell and Elizabeth Ann Morgan.

Enoch H.M. Adwell: b. 1836, Monroe County, [W]VA - d. 12 Sep 1893, Monroe Co., WV. M: Elizabeth Ann Morgan 11 Aug 1870, Greenbrier Co., WV. Seven children. Son of Adam Adwell and Nancy Bennett.

Adam Adwell: b: 1800, Greenbrier County, [W]VA - d. 1870, Greenbrier County, WV. M: Nancy Bennett 16 Aug 1826, Greenbrier Co., [W]VA. Nine children. Son of John Adwell and Mary Comer.

John Adwell: b.1754, England - d. 1813, Ronceverte, Greenbrier Co., [W]VA. Immigrated: Aug 1763, aboard the ship "Beverly", in indenture bondage. M: Mary "Polly" Comer. Eight children.

John has the deistinction as being the very first Adwell buried in the Adwell Cemetery, located just east of Ronceverte, WV, slightly off Route 219, on Adwell Cemetery Road. He was a farmer.

Descendants still live on the grounds he owned, which the cemetery sits upon.

I have not yet photographed this cemetery, nor have I seen any photographs, other than John's, published. However, this spring, it is my hope to do just that. It is a small cemtery, that does, indeed, need to be documented.

John Adwell
1754 - 1813

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