Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tombstone Tuesday

Jacob Honaker
Pvt 108 Va Militia
War 1812
1783 - 1838
Jacob Honaker was one of 14 children born to Frederick Honaker [1757-1824] and Rachel Elizabeth Wiseman [1769-1856], in Monroe County [W]Va.
Jacob served as a Private in the Virginia Militia during the War of 1812.
Jacob married Catharine Groves, also of Monroe County, on October 20th 1808 in Monroe County. To Jacob and Catharine were born: Samuel Sams Honaker, Ephraim Honaker, Henry S. Honaker and Mary Honaker. Sadly, Catharine passed away sometime between the birth of Mary and 1829.
On January 13, 1829, again in Monroe County, Jacob married Anna Sams. And to Jacob and Anna were born at least one child, Isaac Honaker.
Jacob is inexorably tied to my family line in that he fathered two sons who married into my family: Samuel Sams Honaker, and Isaac Honaker.
Samuel Sams Honaker married married Lucinda Bean [my great-great-aunt] on 17 Oct. 1836. Lucinda was the daughter of my great-great-grandparents, William Bean and Rachel Wiseman [the niece of Jacob's mother].
Isaac Honaker married Rachel Long, the daughter of Thomas Long and Emily Bean [another great-great aunt]. [Thus Rachel would have been my 1st cousin - twice removed....I think... I never was the best at figuring those relationships out!]
Jacob is buried at the Old Rehobeth Churchyard in Keenan, Monroe County, West Virginia. [I've written many times on the Old Rehobeth Church and its relationships to my family - here is but one more.] Unfortunately, I have never located the grave of either of his wives, Catharine Groves or Anna Sams, they would presumably be nearby.

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