Saturday, December 19, 2009

It's Here!!! 18-Inches of the White Stuff And Still Falling!!!

It started at 4 p.m. yesterday. So light you could barely see it! But it continued to fall, steadily, for hours.

My dh, who is a long-haul truck driver was on his way home from picking up a load in Pennsylvania. And by 8 p.m. he was in near white-out conditions. Snow had piled up to about 6 inches on the highway. Accidents were happening left and right.

By 8:05 p.m. he was only about 6 miles from home. He was on I-64 west, heading into West Virginia, when a driver in a pickup in the lane beside him lost control of his pickup and slid into the lane toward my husband. To prevent running over the pickup, with his maxed out truck and load, coming in at exactly 80,000 pounds, my husband tried to swerve. When he did, he slid from the highway, and turned over.

God is good!!! Because he was at a crawl, the truck laid gently over onto its side, and pulled the trailer over with it. My dh walked away without a bump, scratch or bruise! The State Trooper at the scene announced : "The Highway is now officially closed!"

My dh, thankfully, made it home at 10 p.m. ; soaked through and nearly frozen. [A warm bathrobe, slippers, and hot cocoa soon had him warm again! His cocoa was gently laced with a little Black Velvet!]

I got him snuggly settled in bed, and soon was asleep myself, thanking God for his safe return!

We got up at 5A.M. this morning to the scenes below! And as you can see, the stuff is still falling!!! The snow on the back porch measure 18-inches. The Weather Channel announces the worst is still yet to arrive!!!

I will keep you updated, here from the mountains of Greenbrier County in West Virginia.

Here you can see the snow is still falling. You can the vehicle [which is a van] has all but disappeared. You can see the snow upon the roof's of the buildings behind us. [This was taken out our back door, toward our neighbors to the rear.]
Another view of the same scene.
More of the same.
The cars have disappeared!
The dh measures the snow fall on our back porch! Yep, 18-inches of the stuff!
Cars, disappeared!
This is of the home in front of us. The silver underpinning beneath the home is 36-inches tall. You can see, it has almost disappeared!
My car [an '88 Lincoln] is buried. You can see the snow is above the tires!!!

Our little Chihuahua won't leave the porch to go do her potty business!!! Of course, if she did, she would disappear in the stuff too!!!

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Thomas MacEntee said...

I am so glad hubby made it home safe and sound! Oh to be so close to home yet so far, right?

And it seems we dodged a bullet here in Chicago - I have to say it sure is pretty but I hates shoveling the stuff.