Thursday, December 17, 2009

Advent Calendar - December 17 - Our Pets At Christmas

My Mama was really sentimental when it came to our pets as I was growing up. They celebrated birthday’s and Christmas, just like we did!

For Christmas, our doggies would have stockings hung next to ours. And in their stockings would be a doggie toy, a rawhide chewy, and maybe a box of Milk Bones.

Santa didn’t leave them out!

That’s one “tradition” I still continue!

My dog, Chica, and my cat, Fred, each have their own stocking for Christmas. Inside they receive a package of their favorite goodies, a new toy, and a new chewy.

This year I decided to try to make Chica [our Chihuahua] and Fred [our cat - and yes, Fred is a female cat] become my Christmas card. I dressed them each up in a Santa jacket, and attempted to take their picture together. Unfortunately, neither was very cooperative. I managed to get some decent ones of them by themselves, but as you can see above, they were NOT going to pose together! This was the closest I could get them! [You can just see the enthusiasm on their faces! Tee hee]

So for Chica, Merry Bow-Wow! And to Fred, Merry Meow!

[Also, for all of you who are wondering, my pets ARE my Treausre Chest Thursday post! Pretty fantastic, huh?]

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