Saturday, February 13, 2010

Winter Games - Category 1

Competing in Category 1 of the Winter 2010 GeneaBlogger Games is Mountain Genealogy's Cyndi Beane Henry.

Event 1. Go Back and Cite Your Sources!
Having learned many years ago to cite sources on EVERYTHING, I do not have a single entry in my data files without a source cited. Since there are well over 15,000 individual's in my personal data base, and considering that each has an average of 3 facts listed, with of course, 3 sources cited, we are talking 15,000 x 3 sources cited or 45,000 sources cited.

Qualifications for the event are:
* 10 Citations - Bronze Medal
* 20 Citations - Silver Medal
* 30 Citations - Gold Medal
* 40 Citations - Diamond Medal
* 50 Citations - Platinum Medal

With those qualifcations, that means that Mountain Genealogy brings home the PLATINUM MEDAL in the first event Go Back and Cite Your Sources!

Score one platinum medal for Mountain Genealogy!!!

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