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The following is in regard to the Bean family of Monroe County, West Virginia. The family was rather large. Old William and Rachel Bean having 13 children, and their various lines of descendants. Today they are spread abroad, but the family remains tightly woven with the many families that remain in the county today.

Who’s Related To Who?

So, I was emailing my cousin, Mandy, and we were discussing the Crosier links to the Bean family. Especially the Thomas Crosier family. Thomas Crosier was the father of Martha Jane Crosier, who married Samuel Waite Bean [son of William and Margaret Perkins Bean].

Mandy mention that on the 1870 Census, Martha [known affectionately as “Mattie”], is found with the last name Hedrick.

Well, that’s easily enough explained. Mattie’s mother, Mary E. Chennault was married to Moses Hedrick on 22 May 1858. Following the birth of two children –James Joseph and Moses, Jr., Moses Sr. died on 12 Jul 1862, in Greenbrier County, WV. Mary, left alone with two children, married Thomas Crosier on 14 Feb. 1866. The couple had two children, Mattie and Amie. [Thomas had previously been married to Malinda J. Kinzley – b.1831-d. abt 1865] and had four children by her: Hannah Sarah [known as Sarah], Jacob, Agnes and Mary. On the 1870 census, the census taker was listing the children from oldest to youngest, and the first two were Crosiers [from Thomas’ first marriage], the next were two Hedricks [from Mary’s first marriage] and the last Martha Jane. However, the census taker simply carried down the last name given him, and poor Mattie looks to have the surname Hedrick on this record, which can be extremely confusing to this scenario.

Now, Thomas was the son of William Crosier [eldest son of Andrew Crosier and Elizabeth Maxwell – one of the four Maxwell sister’s whose family were among the very first settlers in Gap Valley, Monroe County.] and Sarah Bowyer.

Keep up here! Then we have Mary Chennault’s first husband, Moses. Moses was the son of Frederick Hedrick and Hannah Tuckwiller. [You’re probably saying you recognize that name.] Hannah Tuckwiller was the daughter of John Tuckwiller and Catherine Riffe. John and Catherine were the parents of Elizabeth Tuckwiller, yes the wife of Rev. Samuel Perkins/Parkins, and the couple were the parents of Margaret Smith Perkins/Parkins, who married William McHarvey Bean, and became the parents of Samuel Waite Bean, who married none other than Martha Jane “Mattie Crosier”.

[You will probably need a scorecard here!]

To really confuse you… Viranda Elizabeth Bean, [the daughter of William and Margaret Perkins Bean – affectionately known as “Betty”] married none other than James Joseph Hedrick, who was the son of Mary Chennault and Moses Hedrick. And yes, we now have convoluting circles within circles, within circles!

WARNING: Don’t try to draw this family tree out! You’re bound to get dizzy if you do!!!

So… I lovingly like to say… “Who are the Bean’s related to? I think it would be much easier to list who they are NOT related to!!!”

At least in Monroe County.

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