Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday - 23 Feburary 2010

APRIL 7, 1875
NOV. 18, 1902
Married June 26, 1895

Blanche Uremia Crosier was born 07 April 1875 to George William Crosier and Araminta Agnes Duncan. She was the third born of six children to this couple.

She married John Monroe Bean 26 Jun 1895 in Monroe County. The couple had three children: Rita, Lama and Pauline. Blanche contracted tuberculosis and died just four months after Pauline’s birth.

Blanche died on 18 November 1902.


Bob Baker said...

Is this marker in the Neel Cemetery?

Bob Baker said...

Confused on dates!! Blanche's death records states she died on 19 Oct 1902 or 19 Nov 1902 depending on which one you look at. There is a birth record for female 3rd child of John W. and Blanche U Crosier Bean dated 11 Jul 1903 b: at Keenan, Monroe Co., WV.

Bob Baker said...

I messed up, the birth date was 19 Jul 1903

Texicanwife said...

Hi Bob,

Sorry I didn't get to these sooner.

Blanche is buried in the Gates Cemetery in Keenan. [Locals called it "Dimble Gates Cemetery".]

I think you are mistaken on the 19 Jul 1903 birth date for the third child of Blanche and John.That was 19 Jul 1902, and that is V. Pauline [called simply Pauline].

As for the duality of the death dates, that is something that occurred commonly. As a researcher we have to take into account the prevalence of a fact, use that which is most prevalent, and then also record that which is not, for the sake of future researchers, so that they will understand why it is that we have chosen to use the one over the other.

In the rural and outlying townships of Monroe County, many times an event was not recorded for weeks or months following a birth, death or marriage. And then a third party might report it. [The next neighbor going to town, etc.]

In this case we have the one death date on the register as October. But then we have another as Nov. We also have her tombstone stating it was November. And we have the Memoir's of her eldest daughter, Rita, who recalled the event vividly, stating it was November.
Thus giving us a better than average bet that the event actually took place in November rather than in Oct.

Keen eye! Keep up the good work!