Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Remembering Christmas...

If you've been a reader of my blog [or just about any genealogy blogger] during the month of December 2009, you will probably have read a GeneaBloggers prompting for the 24 days of December, leading up to Christmas.

I was thrilled when I picked up the mail this past weekend to find... my 24 days of blogging had finally been published into a book that I will be able to gift my children and grandchildren with this coming Christmas!

This is only my second attempt at writing something personal to me. [My first was a book entitled "One Wing In The Fire" - in 2008, which is my memoir of an abusive first marriage. But let's not go there now!] All of my other books have been genealogical studies for clients. Some have been published, and some have just been printed.

Still, even having seen all of those others in printed form, I was none more thrilled than with Remembering Christmas of The Advent of Christmas in 24 Recollections.

The book is currently for sale in my online bookstore, http://texicanwife.shorturl.com/ , and will soon become available at Amazon.com as well.

What did I learn from this experience?

I have learned just how important it is to really sit down and recall my own memories, so that they may be passed down to my descendants, as well as telling what I know of my ancestors! I have become a strong advocate for telling our ancestors stories from this writing challenge!

And lastly, never, ever, have a book you have written to include color pictures, unless you are willing to pay the extra price! [I know this book is going to be bought by myself alone for my family! It's outrageously priced!] However, it is very lovely, and the photgraphs are unique and look beautiful on the high-grade, quality paper.

By the way, that Christmas tree you see on the cover of the book? It was ours this very past Christmas! I would sit and stare at it while contemplating what I would write for each days's challenge! It HAD to go on the cover!!!

Thanks to GeneaBloggers for the prompting for the Christmas Advent writing!!!

Now, everyone.....SHHHHHHHHH! Don't tell my kids or grandkids about this book! It's their surprise gift for Christmas 2010!!!

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Jasia said...

Congratulations on getting your book published! I did the Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories the first time around in 2007. As soon as I was done I planned to publish it but it hasn't happened yet. One of these days though... it will happen!