Saturday, February 20, 2010

Surname Saturday - 20 Feb 2010

Today I would like to introduce you to my Tuckwiller family:

1. Cynthia Ann BEANE daughter of Walter Maxwell BEANE and Lois Velleda DREHER.

2. Walter Maxwell BEANE son of John Monroe BEAN and Mary Elizabeth FAUDREE. Married: Lois Velleda DREHER.

4. John Monroe BEAN son of William McHarvey BEAN and Margaret Smith PERKINS was born on 15 Dec 1866 in Cincinatti, Ohio. He died on 10 Apr 1954 in Waiteville, Monroe Co., WV. Married [3]: Mary Elizabeth FAUDREE.

8. William McHarvey BEAN son of William M. BEAN and Rachel WISEMAN was born on 26 Aug 1832 in Dropping Lick, Near Zenith, Monroe Co, VA. He died on 14 May 1890 in Gap Mills, Monroe Co, WV. Married: Margaret Smith PERKINS.

17. Rachel WISEMAN daughter of Joseph WISEMAN and Elizabeth BATEMAN was born on 23 Apr 1790 in Rockbridge County, Virginia. She died on 07 Nov 1856 in Potts Creek, Monroe County, WV. Married: William M. BEAN.

19. Elizabeth TUCKWILLER daughter of John TUCKWILLER and Catherine RIFFE was born on 08 Nov 1779 in Greenbrier County, Virginia. She died on 28 Jul 1867 in Greenbrier County, Virginia. Married: Rev. Samuel PERKINS.

38. John TUCKWILLER son of Thomas TUCKWILLER and Sabina UNKNOWN was born in 1752 in Virginia. He died on 18 Feb 1832 in Rich Hollow, Greenbrier County, Virginia. Married: Catherine RIFFE.

76. Thomas TUCKWILLER. He died on 20 Oct 1774 in Shenandoah, Virginia. Married: Sabina UNKNOWN.

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Katie said...

Hi! I'm attempting to complete my Tuckwiller family history. I am 'stuck' on Thomas John Tuckwiller b:1725 Shenandoah, Virginia. Would you happen to have any additional information on his ancestors? Or when the Tuckwillers immigrated from Germany?

Thank so much!
Katie -