Sunday, February 7, 2010

New Technology I Learned This Week - 07 Feb 2010

Thanks to some of the wonderful blogs I read daily I have been attempting to broaden my mind with a little tech "Know-how" [previously known as "no-how"].

This week I learned how to track my Blogger statistics with Google! And believe me, if I can do it... ANYONE can do it!

Most of us are aware that Google owns Blogger [the wonderful hosts for our Blogspot blogs!]. But there really isn't a built in function for following the sites statistics [or if there is... forgive me... I haven't found it.] But who knows... maybe there will be in the future!

However, there is a great way, and it's easy, to track your visitors on your Blogger blog without putting up a linkback-image to the tracking service. It's called Google Analytics .

So, since everyone knows, or should know, that I am really tech-savvy [NO] I thought I'd give you a short lesson on how to set up this function for all of you who may be as "savvy" as I am! [As I said, if I can do it... ANYONE can do it!!!]

How to Track Your Blogger Statistics With Google Analytics
1. Go to Google Analytics to set sign up for your free account..

2. When logged in, choose to create a a new account (click on the menu next to "My Analytics Accounts" at the top right of the page and choose "Create a new account") and follow the steps. When you get to "Tracking Code", open up a new window and log into your Blogger account.

3. Go to your blog's settings and choose "Layout" and then "Page Elements".

4. Have a look at the footer (make sure it's the FOOTER) of the design and choose to "Add a Gadget".

5. Find the HTML? JAVA SCRIPT element and click on it.

6. Now a new page appears called Configure HTML/JavaScript". Don't write anything in the title line. Copy and paste the code from Google Analytics [from New Tracking Code"] in the content box. Then click on "Save".

7. Now your page element has been added. Click on "Save" on the "Page Elements Page" as well.

8. Continue with the followthrough on Google Analytics and youa re done!

To check your stats [which won't begin before 24-hours have passed], sinple log into your account at Google Analytics, and click on the particular web blog you have listed.

Yes! It really is that simple!!!

So, now if I could just find something as simple to drive MORE traffic to my site... I'd be doing just fine!

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