Thursday, February 2, 2012

Treasure Chest Thursday - What A Diaper Pin!

While this isn't something from a family anestor, it was mine as a baby. As such... every one of my five children wore it as a newborn, coming home from the hospital.

I think, perhaps, they had hoped for a boy when I was born. So, some of my first toys had to do with these boys enjoyed. Cars, cowboys and Indians, animals.

As a baby I had a western cowgirl outfit [think 1950's folks!], with the red fringed skirt and vest, and white cowboy hat. And pinned to my side...

...this tiny leaher holster and pistol. You can see compared to my hand, just how big this is! TINY!

The little pistol is pewter, I think. And... is a functioning cap gun! Yep, you can actually place a cap strip in front of the hammer...

...pull the trigger, and...

I know, packed away in storage, is a photo of me wearing this at my side, and also of each of my children.

Sadly, when my grandson was born, his mother wasn't interested in having a photograph of him wearing it. So, I've put it away in my jewelry box for now. And I am hoping one day...a great-grandchild will come along and I can pin it to their side.

Do you have a family treasure you hope to pass down to the next generation?

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