Monday, February 13, 2012

Amaneunsis Monday - Andrew Gastin Death Record

Monroe County, [West] Virginia

1856/ Line 39
Andrew Gastin - Slave - Owner: William Been [sic]- Male - Location: PottsCreek - Cause of Death: Hooping Cough [sic] - Age: 3months - Place of Birth: Monroe County - Reported by: William Been [sic] - Relationship: Owner

It is believed that Andrew was the son of Caroline, one of William Bean Sr.'s slaves. According to family legend, slaves were buried at the perimeter of the family cemetery, located on the Bean Farm on Potts Creek, near present day Waiteville. And, there are clearly defined graves along the old fence line that are not marked by stones. It is presumed that Andrew Gastin is buried here.

Since this death was reported at the same time as William Bean reporting the death's of his aughter Nancy [d. 11 Oct 1856] and his wife Rachel [d. 07 Nov 1856], although an exact date is not noted, we presume that his death was in close proximity to these two. [The three are listed on the same page in the register, on lines 37-39.]

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Mandy said...

very interesting...did rachel and nancy die of whooping cough too? That is usually an epidemic type disease, so I wonder...

love reading your posts!! :) wish I had more time for research now and to put together the research I have done!!