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Tombstone Tuesday - John R. Wiseman

Nov. 21, 1882
Age 86 yrs 4ms 20 dys

John Ray Wiseman was the son of John Wiseman and Sarah Greene Wiseman. If we take the age literally on the stone, John was born on 01 July 1796. This does not match up with the age he lists on Census records. However, when one examines the death record in the county files, we find that John did not die in 1882 as listed on the stone, but rather a year earlier in 1881, which is consistent with his age as listed on census records. Thus making him born in 1795.

While some list John as having been born in Rockingham, Virginia, I find this an unlikely probability. While his parents had been married in 1786 in Berks County, Pennsylvania, they lived there right up to their migration to what is now Monroe County, West Virginia in 1796. There is no evidence that they spent more than a short passing in Rockingham, if at all. I feel he was either born in Berks County, just prior to the move, or shortly after arriving in Monroe County.

On 25 Oct 1825, John married Mary "Polly" Bostick in Monroe County.

I have only 5 children listed for John, although tere are trees online that list several more children, I have been unable to find proof of these other children. Sarah G., Margaret, Viranda, Jennie, an Isabel.

John was, for many years, a blacksmith. But after the death of his wife, he spent a few years as a magistrate. In 1870 he was living with his daughter, Sarah. But by 1880 he was living in a rooming house ran by Ollie Green, a former slave woman that had once belonged to his in-laws. Among those who lived there were five lawyers and a doctor.

According to Find A Grave Mary died on 09 Oct 1862, although I have been unable to find a death record at this time. And her tombstone is so eroded, that even with clear water applied, I have been unable to read more than just her name.

John died 21 Nov 1881.The couple are buried side by side at the northern side of the church, literally behind the pulpit wall, and beside of John's grandparents, Isaac and Elizabeth [Davis] Wiseman.

The Od Rehoboth Church and Cemetery. John and his wife, Mary, are buried just beyond the edge of the wall on the right side. Their graves face a fence and fields beyond, with a creek that flows through.

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