Thursday, February 23, 2012

Treasure Chest Thursday - From My Godparents

On my 16th birthday, my dear godparents, Archie and Margaret Byrd, gave me this cameo...

...Archie had purchased it for me during his last visit to Italy.

Sadly, my godparents died, just a few years apart, both barely into their sixties. So... this is a gift which I cherish.

The cameo is made from alabaster, and real ivory. The chain broke a few years ago, and I tried to have it repaired, but the jeweler told me I would be better off purchasing a new chain. I've simply not had the heart since my godparent's deaths to do so.

But... every now and then... I pull it out of my jewelry box, and remember... what precious, precious people they were, and still are, to me.

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