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Tombstone Tuesday - Archibald Beane

OCT. 6, 1826,
AUG. 31, 1899

Archibald Marmaduke Bean[e] was born on 06 October 1826. He was the 9th  [out of 13] child born to William M. Bean [1792-1864] and Rachel Wiseman Bean [1790-1856]. He was born along Dropping Lick, just south of Union, in Monroe County, [West] Virginia.

Married twice, his first marriage was to Amanda Shires [1826-1850]on 01 January 1849. Amanda was the daughter of John Shires.
The couple had two children: John William and Amanda Alafaire. [It is believed that Amanda Shires Bean died at the birth of Amanda Alafaire. However, records are not available to provide proof.]

After Amanda Shires Bean's death, Archibald then married Margaret Ann Dunbar [1832 - 1904] on 08 Dec 1853 in Monroe County.
Archibald and Amanda had nine children: Mary Virginia, Madorah "Dora" Wacoma, Alonzo F., Wellington Goheen, Augustus "Gus" Floyd, Laura "Belle" Arabella, Christine "Addy" Adaline, Charles Allen, and Bertha.

"Arch" migrated from Monroe Co, to Kanawha Co, around 1855 when he purchased 254 acres of land  in Poca District. He resided here until 1869 when he purchased 148 acres on Tackett's Creek at Coals Mouth. In 1870 he purchased another 100 acres in the same area.
In 1873 Archibald sold his 254 acres in Poca District to his brother, John Jackson Bean.
Archibald ran a store and lived on a houseboat located just below the St. Albans Westside bridge. Then moved to a small house just up the bank from the houseboat, where  Belle Beane, was born in 1865. It is possible that Archibald and his family were in St. Albans before he bought the land in 1869.
Most of the land on Tackett's Creek apparently was divided or sold to the children as most of them seem to have lived on the Creek at sometime or another.

Arch died on 31 Aug 1899 in Kanawha County, West Virginia.

Arch is buried at Teays Hill Cemetery, located in Saint Albans, Kanawha County, West Virginia. His first wife, Amanda, was buried in the Bean Cemetery, located on Potts Creek, near present day Waiteville, in Monroe County. His second wife, Margaret, is also buried at Teays Hill Cemetery.

Teays Hill Cemetery
St. Albans, Kanawha, West Virginia

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