Monday, April 26, 2010

Madness Monday

So, what is it that is driving me "Mad" this Monday? Well, for one [yes there are more than one!] I wonder if I am the ONLY genealogy research person that decides to post their "gripes" on Madness Monday? Hmmm... am I alone in this?

While I really am not a pessimist [you know... those half glass individuals], I do have gripes. And I think if we don't share those gripes then we can never come up with a legitimate way to solve the problem that those gripes represent.

Now, for the piece de resistance, my official "Mad" [read gripe] post for this Monday is that I can't seem to get caught up on my filing. While I am not too bad, [read...I do trascribe documents, add photos, place in my notes, etc.] at taking care of all of the papers I collect for my ancestry, it sems I can never find time to properly catalog and file them! I have literally MOUNDS of papers that need to be sorted, placed in archival sheets, and then into the notebooks system I began using about 6 years ago. [Yes, I literally have 10 of those huge binders [I think they are 4" binders], and probably will need another 5 or 6 to get everything I have piled up filed correctly!]

Is there a better way than placing the papers in my "file" pile?

Well, of course there is! Common sense would tell you I simply need to file them immediately after transcribing, scanning, etc. But it seems I am always in a hurry, and can never get to it right then. So, I tell myself that I will get to it in a day or two, and that day or two well... it never comes around!

So, my gripe today is plainly, against myself!

I'm beginning to look around for a 12-step group for genealogists. Or "Pile Makers of America". Surely they have a Union that can help me!

Okay, so after I print out the hard copy of my blog post to save, for posterity don't ya know... I will ....

put it in the pile of things to be filed. When I get around to it!

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Barbara said...

When you find a solution, please let me know. But, don't be too hard on yourself, I've been dealing with it for many years. However, I now don't save any of the pages xeroxed from genealogies (books). Scan or type in quotes what I need, then reuse the paper. Many of the books are online now, and if they aren't, I know where to find the original book. No hints for the other stuff. Good luck.