Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sentimental Sunday

In 1935, my Uncle, John Beane, Jr., was working with the C.C.C. camp in Alvon, West Virginia. [Greenbrier County]. On 4 June his grandmother, Annie Level Burdette, died. [John's mother, Ada had died in 1929, a few days after giving birth to her last child, Jack. So John felt especially close to his grandmother.]

Above is the pass that John received in order to return to his home and be with his family at the time of their mourning.

Annie Level was born 08 Jan 1866 in West Virginia to William Francis Level and Sarah Ruth Gibson. She married Hugh Burdette [1860-1944] in 1881. The couple went on to have at least 12 children:

Ada L. [John's mother] [1883-1929]
Sarah Ozella [1885-1966]
Edgar [1887-1957]
Susan M. [1889-1963]
Anderson L. [1891-1959]
Isabelle M. [1893-1970]
Charles C. [1895-1972]
George W. [1898-1983]
Dwight [1900-1980]
Fred H. [1902-1925]
Bessie [1904-1999]
Harry C. [1907 - 1972]

Ada's son John was born 08 Oct 1908 in Waiteville, Monroe, WV. He died in Jul 1972 in WV. He is buried in the New Zion union Church Cemetery in Waiteville. He married Mildred Tolley, and the couple had 4 children: Betty, Johnny, Cathy & Darrell.


Barbara said...

How nice that you still have that pass, it is in good hands. What a lot of research you can do on all the children, a gold mine, I would think.

reh ncw said...

I am very impressed with this pass as evidence. You have the dates and location of this young man's military history and his grandmother's approximate death date. As we know some of the smallest clues, can open doors of discovery. Congratulations on a wonderful family treasure. Your family now and in the future have a "gem" in you being their historian. Keep up the good work, your work is precious.