Sunday, April 4, 2010

SNGF - It's Back!!!

After a few weeks of being gone, Randy Seaver and his Saturday Night Genealogy Fun is back! And boy are we glad to get back into these challenges from Randy! We've missed you guy!!!

Here's tonights:

Your mission, should you decide to accept it (come on, this isn't Mission Impossible), is to:

1) Find an ancestral line that atretches back to the time of the US Revolutionary War (1775-1783), about 230 years. Define your person-to-person connection (the person actually met the next person on the list) back to a historical figure from that time.

2) Tell us about it on your blog, in a note or comment on Facebook, or in a comment on this post.

Okay, so here's my ancestral line, although it's a bit more stretched out than Randy's, due to untimely deaths by some of the family members.
1] I know my father, Walter Beane [b. 1837].
2] He knew his father, John Monroe Bean [1866 - 1954]. He knew his father.
3] William McHarvey Bean [1832-1890]. Who knew his father.
4] William Bean [1792 - 1864]. Who knew his father.
5] William McBean [1768-1804]. William served as an aid to Lord Cornwallis during the American Revolution. [Yep... he was a Loyalist! His son's future father-in-law served in the NC Militia for the American's, so it all evened out in the end! LOL]
So, I am five degrees from having someone who actually knew an American Revolutionary War figure.

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