Monday, April 19, 2010

Madness Monday - The 2010 Census

How disappointed was I when my dear hubby, the Texican, and I received our Census to fill out this year!

The generic questions did not ask for our nationality, our jobs or out birthplaces.

It wasn't necessarily that I was disappointed for us... but for those descendants of ours who might someday actually want to find out more about us!!!

It did have one positive output... that we both became more determined to not only uncover more about our own ancestors and record that information for our future descendants, but to also keep more regular diary entries on ourselves! I personally have kept a diary since I was 7 years old, and not that I am 50, have volumes of the things! Although there are certainly some I would not published, especially from my more adventurous youth!, most are details of the where and when's of my life. And perhaps that will be enough for my descendants.

We also talk more openly and freely with our grandchildren, especially when the older ones ask questions [what did you do Grandma when you were little? etc.].

Still, I think about all of those people who will be disappointed when they go to search for their ancestors in 2082, and all they find out is that they are ex-years old, and lived on ex-street, in ex-town, USA!

Perhaps, you, too, are making preparations for your story to be left for your descendants???

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