Friday, April 23, 2010

Follow Friday - A Rootdigger

Today I'd like to introduce you to A Rootdigger. This blog is such a delightful place to spend a couple of hours, in just enjoyment!

The author of the blog does not reveal her name, just stating simply that she is Female and a Taurusand she lives in Lewisville, Minnesota. Her bio reads as follows:

"About Me

As a young bookworm, day dreaming child, I always wondered about the cousins that I thought I must have in Germany. I was able to start Genealogy with computer around 2001, I still have limited knowledge in computer technology, grammer, spelling, and in the genealogy techniques. I make up for my limits by my persistence in wanting to share all I can. Also by my persistence in my search. I have discovered the family members of the 'Meyer Book'. I am still hoping to meet so many more of this vast family. I started this blog to serve the need I have to talk about my details of genealogy [journal] of all my surnames. Especially the locations of family settlements. Your warned, that there will be discussions of the details of the problem situations with the surnames I have had, etc. I am known to talk and talk about it until my family and friends eyes glaze over. I guess this blog may help save them from too much of that. I hope family will join in help problem solve and share more of the various family stories and insights and ideas. Non family as well. I have put the information out there and now I am waiting for family to come.

You have to dig a hole to China. Where do you start?

Love that question. The idea has fascinated me since childhood. I wish you would say I can dig to Germany. I would have started last week already!"

This author writes so pleasantly, and offers you her unique insight and opinions on genealogy research.

She also writes the following blogs:

The Roots Of It All

Lewisville, Minnesota

A Rootdigger's Sunnyside

Genealogy of Oldendrof, und Nahrendorf

If you're looking for a place to unwind, and see how someone else is coping with their own research for a while, both the highs and the lows, then A Rootdigger may just be the place for you! Who knows, we might even see each other there!

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A rootdigger said...

My Gosh, that's me. I happen to see it while checking on Google. [ sometimes people use my blogpost name for their stuff. Website Descriptions have you heard of it? So I am here. Thanks for such lovely stuff/words phrases you said about my blog.
I could say the same about yours, it is a interesting place to be reading.

I also need to do some Follow Friday blog posts starting this next year.
I have been so behind in my reading. I will do better for sure starting this next week.
Have a Happy New year.