Sunday, May 30, 2010

Week 22 Challenge

Here's to Week 22 Genea Challenge!

"Week 22: Spend some time at Find-a-Grave. Most of you have probably heard of Find-a-Grave ( and probably used it in your own research as well. The challenge this week is to simply browse this web site. Just click links. Look at the different ways the information is sorted. Study the tributes of others and see if there are ways you can improve your own entries. Don’t do any research of your own, simply study the efforts of others. If you have a genealogy blog, share your impressions of Find-a-Grave and any interesting entries you found at the web site."

Okay, so before I even go to Find-A-Grave today to look at it, I utilize Find-A-Grave on an almost daily basis! The data has become so large now that almost anyone [or one of their immeidate family members] can be found there!

I also regularly contribute.

So I am already well-versed with the system.

But for today, I decided to play with the "Famous People" of the site. And here's just a small sampling of the "Who's Who" of whom I found!

Dan Blocker
[co-starred in the TV series Bonanza]
Buried: Woodmen Cemetery
DeKalb, Bowie, TX
Ernest Jennings Ford
"Tennessee Ernie Ford"
Singer ["Sixteen Tons", "John Henry", many hymns]Alta Mesa Memorial Park
Palo Alto, Santa Clara, CA

James Dean
Actor - "East of Eden", "Rebel Without A Cause", "Giant"
Park Cemetery
Fairmount, Grant, Indiana

Louisa May Alcott
Author ["Little Women", "Little Men", "Jo's Boys"]
Sleepy Hollow Cemetery
Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts

While I've only had occasion to need to use the "Famous People" search twice before, I found just looking around and randomly typing in famous names was actually alot of fun!

But then, I'm a cemetery geek from way back when! [Mama used to take me trekking through cemeteries as far back as I can remember, and that's more years than many of you have ever seen!]

Thanks for the challenge, and a fun way to spend a lazy Sunday!

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