Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sentimental Sunday

Laura Marion Dreher Grose

Laura Marion "Marion" Dreher was born 24 Mar 1931 in Floyd County, Indiana to Henry C. Dreher Jr. [1902-1977] and Irene Caroline Banet [1906-1988].

Marion married [1] Charles William Grose [1920-1974] on 04 Jul 1948. They had two children: Lavina and Charles Jr. Marion married [2] Gordon Ray Crain [1952-1991] on 10 Mar 1975 in Pearisburg, Giles, VA.

Marion was a lifelong hospitality employee, working most of her life as a waitress. She was a fun-loving individual who loved to laugh, make others laugh, and enjoyed teasing! I remember well my fear of "Granddaddy long-legs" as a child. [any spider really!], and how she would pick the Granddaddy's up and chase me with them! She enjoyed hearing my shrieks of fear, and also of laughter, as I knew she would never let one touch me!

Marion, you see, was my Mother's sister. And the only one of the five children who has died. She passed away on 28 Dec 2006 in Lawton, Cochise Co., OK.

Aunt Marion is dearly missed! But we think of her all of the time! How she would have loved to have seen our children all grown up, and our grandbabies! Somehow, I think she does see them. And I am certain at times, if I sit very still, I can hear her still as she says, "I'm going to get you!", as she chases me with yet another Granddaddy long legs!

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Barbara said...

What a nice tribute to your aunt Marion. I believe she is also looking down on you, having some laughs too. No spiders of any kind for me, thank you. Nice post.