Thursday, May 6, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday - Mama's Berry Dish

When I was a little girl, [too many years ago to count!], Mama used to make my little sister and I jello, and put it in these adorable pink depression glass berry bowls. They were the perfect size for little children, as they simply didn't hold a great deal. Probably about a half-cup of the delicious, jiggly, dessert!

I hadn't seem the dishes for many years, and actually thought that they had either been thrown out when Mama and Daddy moved in with my sister as their health began to fail, or Mama had given them away, as she was wont to do with so many items.

And then, not long ago, a simple pair of reproduction pink depression glass salt and pepper shakers invoked an interest in collecting pink depression glass to me. I've found a great buy on beautiful cabbage rose pattern dinner plates, knife-edged coffee cups,  and I'm currently bidding on an internet auction site for juice tumblers.

When I shared my newfound passion for collecting the delectable pink, heavyweight glass dishes with my sister, I was sitting in my Mama's room at her house. My sister said, "Sit right there for a minute!" And she left the room.

When she came back in, she handed me the perfect little berry dish you see above.

The dishes weren't lost after all. Mama had given them to my sister when she and Daddy moved in with her. I was so happy to see they weren't gone after all!

"Oh, I'm so happy you have these!" I cried. "It means so much to me that you have kept these. Do you still have all four?"

"Well, not any more," my baby sister said. "I've only got three of them now."

"Oh," I said a bit disappointed.

"That's because I've just given you the fourth one for your collection," she whispered.

Aren't sister's just the best invention God ever made? Well, next to Mama's and Daddy's of course!


Barbara said...

I like the little dish, and pink being my favorite color, is one of the reasons. What great memories you have of it. Nice sister, but too bad she didn't give you two!

Texicanwife said...

Since there are 4 of us siblings, I suspect my sister intends to share, eventually, between all of us!