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Surname Saturday - Henry [Continued]

Last week we left off with my husband's gr-gr-gr-grandfather, Strother F. Henry. Today we will pick up there:

16. Strother F. HENRY was born on 08 Jun 1821 in Gallatin County, Kentucky. He died on 17 Nov 1877in Fulton County, Kentucky. He was the son of 32. John D. HENRY and 33. Elizabeth ALEXANDER. He married Lucinda Josephine WADE on 25 Nov 1846 in Fulton County, KY.
17. Lucinda Josephine WADE was born 13 Aug 1823 in Kentucky. She died 15 Aug 1894 in Fulton
County, Kentucky.
Children of Strother F. HENRY and Lucinda Josephine WADE are:
i. Patrick Bruce HENRY was born Sep 1851 in Fulton County, Kentucky, died 25 Mar 1907 in
Fulton County, KY, married Helen Acie CLARK 29 Nov 1877 in Tennessee.
ii. Victoria A. HENRY was born 1854 in Kentucky.
iii. Franklin P. HENRY was born 11 Feb 1856 in Fulton County, Kentucky, died 15 Oct 1893 in
Fulton County, Kentucky.
iv. Fannie F. HENRY was born 1859 in Kentucky.
+ 8. v. Sterling Price HENRY was born Apr 1862 in Kentucky, died 16 Jul 1914 in Fulton County,
vi. Nettie E. HENRY was born 1864 in Kentucky.

32. John D. HENRY was born on 21 Dec 1795 in Virginia. He died about 1872 in Fulton County, KY. He was the son of 64. Otho HENRY and 65. Sophia DEAN. He married Elizabeth ALEXANDER.
33. Elizabeth ALEXANDER was born 1795 in Virginia. She died Abt. 1865 in Kentucky.
Children of John D. HENRY and Elizabeth ALEXANDER are:
+ 16. i. Strother F. HENRY was born 08 Jun 1821 in Gallatin County, Kentucky, died 17 Nov 1877
in Fulton County, Kentucky, married Lucinda Josephine WADE 25 Nov 1846 in Fulton County, KY.
ii. H.T. HENRY.
iii. Whitson Rector HENRY was born 10 Apr 1829 in Gallatin County, Kentucky, died 09 Apr 1898 in Fulton County, Kentucky.
iv. Sophia HENRY.
v. Lucinda HENRY.

64. Otho HENRY was born on 21 Aug 1769 in Winchester District, Marion, Virginia. He died on 03 May

1840 in Monongahelia, Virginia. He was the son of 128. Aaron HENRY and 129. Rebecca BURRELL.
He married Sophia DEAN.
65. Sophia DEAN was born 02 Jan 1769. She died 01 May 1852.
Children of Otho HENRY and Sophia DEAN are:
i. Aaron B. HENRY was born 13 Nov 1789 in Monongahelia, Virginia, married Mary WINDSOR 17 Apr 1811 in Monongahelia, VA; by Joshua HICHMAN..
ii. Richard D. HENRY was born 03 Nov 1791 in Monongahelia, Virginia, married Priscilla BARRETT Sep 1813.
iii. Hiram HENRY was born 27 Nov 1793 in Monongahelia, Virginia, married Nancy KNOX 12 Dec 1812.
+ 28. iv. John D. HENRY was born 21 Dec 1795 in Virginia, died Abt. 1872 in Fulton County, KY.
v. Nathan HENRY was born 29 Nov 1799 in Monongahelia, Virginia, died 18 Dec 1882.
vi. Nancy HENRY was born 14 Feb 1800 in Monongahelia, Virginia, married Purnell KNOX West Virginia.
vii. Mary HENRY was born 16 Nov 1804 in Monongahelia, Virginia, died Bef. 1829.

viii. Aesah HENRY was born 06 Mar 1802 in Monongahelia, Virginia.
ix. Adah HENRY was born 16 Sep 1806 in Monongahelia, Virginia, died 21 Nov 1886 in Crawfordsville, Illinois.
x. Otho D. HENRY was born 18 Aug 1809 in Monongahelia, Virginia.

128. Aaron HENRY was born in 1740 in Marion, Shenandoah County, Virginia. He died in Nov 1825 in

Morgantown, Mongahela, Virginia. He was the son of 256. William HENRY and 257. Elizabeth SHIELDS. He married Rebecca BURRELL.
129. Rebecca BURRELL was born 1748 in Marion, Shenandoah County,Virginia. She died Aft. 1824 in
Morgantown, Mongahela, Virginia. She was the daughter of 258. Francis BURRELL and 259. Catherine UNKNOWN.
Children of Aaron HENRY and Rebecca BURRELL are:
+ 44. i. Otho HENRY was born 21 Aug 1769 in Winchester District, Marion, Virginia, died 03 May 1840 in Monongahelia, Virginia.
ii. Mary HENRY was born 1770 in Monongahelia, Virginia, died Bef. 1830 in Hacker's Creek, Lewis Co, Virginia.
iii. Elizabeth HENRY was born 1780 in Scotts MillsRun, Monongahelia, VA, died 01 Apr 1827.
iv. Jane HENRY.
v. Rebecca HENRY.
vi. Francis HENRY was born Bef. 1780.
vii. Joseph HENRY was born Abt. 1784, married Hannah BLAIR 1799.

256. William HENRY was born about 1709 in Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. He died on 12 Oct

1769 in South Carolina. He was the son of 512. Alexander HENRY and 513. Jean ROBERTSON. He
married Elizabeth SHIELDS.
257. Elizabeth SHIELDS was born Abt. 1719 in Scotland. She died 1745.
Children of William HENRY and Elizabeth SHIELDS are:
i. George HENRY was born 1737 in Scotland.
+ 61. ii. Aaron HENRY was born 1740 in Marion, Shenandoah County, Virginia, died Nov 1825 in
Morgantown, Mongahela, Virginia.
Children of William HENRY and Martha CALHOUN are:
i. John HENRY was born 30 Oct 1745 in Lincoln, North Carolina.
ii. Elizabeth HENRY was born 25 Dec 1747 in Hanover, VA.
iii. Jean HENRY was born 21 Apr 1753 in Hanover, VA.
iv. William HENRY was born 21 Mar 1753 in Hanover, VA.
v. Harriet HENRY was born 17 Oct 1757 in Hanover, VA.
vi. James HENRY was born 17 Apr 1759 in Hanover, VA.

Next week we will pick up from here.


Doris Noland Parton said...

Your line can not go from Aaron Henry who married Rebecca Burrell back to the ancestors you have claimed. They are two different YDNA haplogroups.

#35146 R. E. Henry
Contact: Judy Lock

Moses Henry, died 1750/1751. Wife Unknown Aaron Henry b 1740-42 d November 1825, Monongalia County, WV m Rebecca Burrell
Francis Henry born 1771(1772) m Sarah Jones
Eli Henry b. 1808, Laurel Point, Monongalia Co, WV d. 1870 Monongalia Co WV m Catherine Barbe
Sylvanus Henry b.1844 Monongalia Co WV, d 1915, Monongalia Co WV m. Virginia Houston
Omer Henry b. 1881, Monongalia Co WV, d 1935 Monongalia Co WV m. Stella B. Satterfield
R. E. Henry

#126560 Charles Ray Henry, Jr.
Contact: Judy Lock

Moses Henry, died 1750/1751. Wife Unknown
Aaron Henry NSDAR Patriot b 1740-43 VA d 1825 Monongalia Co VA/WV m. Rebecca Burrell
Otho Henry b. 21 August 1769, VA d 3 May 1840 Monongalia Co. WV m. Sophia Dean
Nathan Henry b 5 January 1798, Virginia d. 18 December 1882 Monongalia Co. WV m. Susannah Hopkins
Oakley Henry b. April 1850, Monongalia Co, VA d. 14 November 1927 Monongalia Co WV m. Mary Caroline Lowe
Charles Ray Henry b. 17 November 1888, Monongalia Co WV d. 15 August 1943, Monongalia Co WV m Willa Mae Furman
Charles Ray Henry, Jr.

Both the YDNA Samples above show YDNA haplogroup I1.

Aaron was the son of Moses and not the son of George and he did not go on to the Henry line that you have given. That Henry line is R1b. There is a zero percent chance that these men from two different Y haplogroups had a common ancestor within 600 years (or even within a few thousand):

Haplogroup R1b Participant Lineages
Group 6 The Patrick Henry Connection

If you wish to explore the possibility of descent from Patrick Henry, contact:
Patrick Henry National Memorial; 1250 Red Hill Road; Brookneal, VA 24528.
Email Red Hill or Cole Poindexter

Links to Patrick Henry Information

Patrick Henry National Memorial Web Site

Patrick Henry Descendant List

R1b Group 6A Patrick Henry Descendant

# 39434 Chris Henry

Patrick “Alex” Henry of Old Machar and Aberdour Parishes, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, m. Jean Robertson
John Henry b. Aberdeenshire, Scotland d. 1773, Hanover Co. VA m. Sarah Winston, widow of John Syme
Patrick Henry b. 1736 d. June 6, 1799 Charlotte Co VA m. 2) Dorothea Dandridge
Alexander Spotswood Henry b. June 2, 1788 d. January 6, 1854 m. Paulina Cabell
John Robert Lewis Henry b. May 28, 1823 d. November 11, 1903 m. Frances Elizabeth Edwards
William Keen Henry b. March 15, 1852 d April 23, 1919 m Mary Francis Harper
Daniel Edward Henry b. May 9, 1899 d May 1 1950 m Grace Fausett
Sydney R. Henry
Chris Henry

Doris Noland Parton
founder and now co-administrator of the Henry Surname Project at

An expert on your line is one of our Co-administrators, Judy Lock,

Texicanwife said...

Thank you so much for your kind attention. A DNA test on the line represented by my husband has been performed, and the study is continuing. [You will note that post was from almost 2 years ago, and was pointed out at that time.] This report was taken from an old genealogical study prior to the advent of DNA study, and of course, until then was considered correct.

I appreciate your kind attention! It is individuals such as you who assist us in correcting those old studies and help connect the dots accurately!

Best regards,

Cyndi Beane Henry