Thursday, August 23, 2012

Treasure Chest Thursday - Grandma Bean and Family

Left to Right:
My grandmother, Mary [Faudree] Bean, Daisy [Miller] Baker, holding unknown infant, and Daisy's husband, Richard A. Baker.

Daisy and Richard Baker were the parents of Richard Randall Baker [1921-2008]. Richard R. Baker was married to Reba Arthur Baker [1918-1982]. Reba was my first cousin once removed. Reba's mother, Pearl, and my Grandma Bean [pictured above] were sisters. The Faudree's and Baker's lived near one another in the Sweet Springs area of Monroe County, West Virginia.


Jim S said...

Nice photo. What year was the photo taken?

Regards, Jim
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Texicanwife said...

Not positive of the year this was taken, but would suspect by the age of my grandmother, about mid to late 1950's.