Monday, August 6, 2012

Amaneunsis Monday - Samuel's Bible

The flyleaf from the Bible of Samuel Parkins, of Greenbrier County, West Virginia:

"Samuel Parkin was born April 21 1778

Elizabeth Parkin was born November 8th 1779

Caty Parkin was born August 13th 1813

Joseph Parkins was born August 5th 1813

Nancy Morgan Parkins was born December 6th A.D. 1815

Elisabeth Parkins was born October the 16th A.D. 1817

Ballard Smith Parkins was born January 25th 1819

John Adams Parkins was born Sept 9th  1819

Rachel Parkins was born A.D. 1823 March the 3rd

Margaret S Perkins was born March 3rd 1826

Catharine Parkins was born December 26th A.D. 1826

Merion F Bruffy [sic] was born Sept 25th [illegible]

Martha Jane Shepherd was born December 26th 1861

Nancy E Shepherd was born Nov 15th 1863

Annie Laurie Shepherd was born February 19th 1866

Almirinda Shepherd was born Nov 18th 1867"

Microfilmed copy is taken from the West Virginia archives at Charleston, West Virginia.
Many thanks to Earl Parkins who provided us with this copy.

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