Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday's Mentionables - August 20 to 26, 2012

This there are a number of exceptional blogs and articles worth taking a look at, or even a second look! If you haven't read these, I am sure you will find them informative and enlightening!


When Is A Source Not A Source

Conserving Newspapers by Washing?!?!?

Use Names, Not Just Relationships

Indian Territory Records Digitized

Family Tree Found on Waiheke Island

Elvis Presley’s Jewish Ancestry

Surnames as Middle Names Might Not Be Maiden Names

Stamp Series Commemorates Civil War

Places for Finding A Woman’s Maiden Name: A checklist of 90 Sources

Finances Dictate Records

Do You Source Your Persons Name? Spouse? Parents?

They Might Not Be Buried Where They Died

NGS Releases New “Becoming a Genealogist” Video With Henry B. Hoff

Drink Whiskey, Research Your Family Tree

What Type of Genealogist Are You?

King Richard III Could be Buried Underneath a Car Park in Leicester

Neil Armstrong – Rest In Peace, Son of America

Questions linger, new bonds formed during search for international roots

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