Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday's Mentionables

Today we take a look back over the last week and see what blogs have provided me with the best articles in this time period. So, here are my favorites, for the week of August 12-19th, 2012:

Don’t Print This Newsletter!

Tuesday’s Tip: Check Out Genealogy Books Online
Randy Seaver – Genea-Musings

The National Archives Puts More Workshops Online

Family Fun Day – In Pouring Rain!

Evertalk: Online Memorials to the Deceased on Facebook

How to Hide a Cell Phone Tower in Arizona

Look Near All The Children

Mr. Genealogy: Mobile Tests Let Dads Know

Clogged Channels

A Genealogy Research Resource You Can’t Resist!

Make a Cheat Sheet

Family History All Done? What’s Your Number?

Across the Atlantic and Beyond!

3 – Do-At-Your-Desk Exercises To Avoid Becoming Chair Shaped

When I Was Young or How I Survived That 5 Mile Walk to School In The Snow

What’s Your Number? Don’t Be Too Shocked If It’s Below 30%!

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