Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday Madness---Who Was That Person?

    Annette DuBois was sister to Adeline DuBois. Born 10 years apart, Annette married Joseph Eve before 1858, when she was less than 18 years of age. She became the mother of seven children, dying giving birth to the youngest, Anna, in 1871. A few months later, Adeline married Joseph. She went on to raise her sister’s children, and to have nine children of her own.
    But who was Annette and Adeline’s father and mother?
   There are several trees I’ve seen that suggest Nicholas DuBois [1808, France to 1893, Indiana] was their father, and their mother was Mary Magdeline Houin.
    I have been unable to prove this, however. I found a Nicholas DuBois arriving in America in 1832 from France, who was born about 1808. It could be him. But no proof.
  Then there is the 1880 Census, which shows a Nicholas and Magdeline DuBois living in the right area. And the ages match up. But nothing to suggest at this record that they are the parents of the sisters.
    We do know from Census records that Adeline states both of her parents were born in France. But neither are ever named.
    Adeline didn’t die until 1940, so there’s a good chance a death record might contain the names of her parents. So, it looks as if I’ll simply have to cave in and order a copy!
  In the meantime, I beat my head against this brick wall, and wonder where else I should look. There is a small crack somewhere, that I am simply overlooking.
    Stay tuned! I am certain I will break through this wall yet!


Claudia said...

Check their church Baptism records. They recorded the parents names and if you really lucky the parents place of birth.

Texicanwife said...

Thanks Claudia! 'm in the procssing of planning a trip just for that!