Saturday, February 12, 2011

Who Do You Think You Are... Tim McGraw

Okay... so here I was all ready to write up this great piece, add lots of snazzy photos which I'd researched....

and Blogger is once more refusing me the opportunity to add images! [Is it a conspiracy.... or is Blogger getting harder and harder to handle lately???]

That aside, let's simply rely on my editorial for what really counts!

I was ready last night to see the latest episode of Who Do You Think You Are. I had my tablet and pen in hand... ready to take notes. Got up to get me a cold drink, returned to my easy chair... and I'd layed down my pen and tablet somewhere. And they were not to be found... until this morning!

Oh well. The episode was by far the best of the first two season's of this show.

Tim McGraw's search was the quintessential American story brought to life!

Not only did Tim learn more about his McGraw heritage, but even farther back to his family arriving in this country in 1710, with  Jost Hite.

As I said, I didn't take notes, but I was held enraptured and enthralled to my television screen through the hour-long results of his search.

Like most Appalachians, country music personalities belong to the people of the hills, and we feel an afinity and close relationship with them. Even though we do not know them personally, they're still "family" in the hearts of the people. And Tim McGraw is one of those people. So, to see his roots exposed as some of the deepest in this nation was an exciting adventure for us!

NBC and Who Do You Think You Are?, you've done a fine job with this one!  As a genealogist, I'd still like to see more of the research process brough to light. I think the American public believes that it's all a matter of taking an hour of your time and flipping through some Internet pages and web sites, to locate your ancestry. Truth is, you are NEVER done searching for your ancestor's stories! Those who have been doing this a long time know that what is on the Internet is simply a tiny tip to the iceberg of information that lies hidden in reference books, courthouse files, archive files,famly Bible's, etc. You can work your whole life long, and never know everything there is to know about your ancestors!

However, this is a great entertaining way to bring the hunger for, and the search for, our ancestry to light!

Keep up the great work... and I'll be glued to the television next week for the next show!

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