Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Searching For.... A Review

I had spent the past several weeks in high anticipation of this show's premier! I simply couldn't wait!!!

I had only read excellent reviews of the work of genealogist Pam Slaton, and expected great things from the show.

Instead... I was so disappointed!!!

Another "reality show" that at times seems to be scripted.

Ms. Slaton must, indeed, do alot of research to get the research she does get.... however, of the examples given on Monday evening, she was looking only for living relatives. In both accounts on Monday she was searching for a connection for a child given up for adoption. The first was for the birth mother, the second for the child.

She was successful in both cases.

However, nothing of the search process is shown, nor even discussed. It appears that a client shows up at Ms. Slaton's home, only to magically have her hand them the results of her search!

While I highly applaud Ms. Slaton's efforts, the show itself is a waste of my time, and I won't be watching again.
It's simply another of Oprah Winfrey's failures in television, and that's in my own humble opinion.

I would prefer to see something that at least hints at what the process involved for Ms. Slaton. Even mentioning the records she searched, which is never done, would seem helpful.

Of course, if you are into reality television... then this just might be your cup of tea.

While I can certainly see where Ancestry's Who Do You Think You Are? can show improvement, it is heads and shoulders above anything Searching For... puts forth.

I, for one, won't be wasting my time next Monday evening, when I can be using that time to apply to my own research instead.


GrannyPam said...

I agree. I watched with my husband. We concluded that it was all about the drama, music, and tears. Nothing about the research, which interests me. Oh well.

Debbie Golding said...

Good to know. I don't have OWN to watch but I feel like that regarding Who Do You Think You Are? I love that show, but they don't credit the people who actually do the searching.