Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sentimental Sunday... More Europe Pics!

I first arrived in Germany in November 1979. My ex-husband and I had a sixth-month-old son who accompanied me.
My ex was stationed in Herzogenaurach [Herzo Base] at the time. So when I arrived, we found a place to live in Furth, and he traveled back and forth to Herzo either with friends, or on the post bus.

The streets of Furth were astonishing to me! They looked like they came right out of the novels I'd read about Medieval Europe!

Here is one of the town squares. There were several actually. And my son Chris and I explored them frequently on our daily walks. He in his European pram and I proudly pushing him along!

The streets of the old city are based in the shape of a loosely woven wagon wheel hub. Like in the bigger city of Nurenberg, there is an old wall surrounding the ancient city itself, dating back to the 15th century.

We lived in a single bedroom apartment above a bakerie.

Our apartment's living room had one of these lovely windows, which formed a small nook, where we put our son's playpen so that he could get lots of sunlight while playing. During the summer, nights were short, with daylight arriving at 3 a.m.! And all of the windows were fixed with a pull down shutter to hide the early days light!

Monteith Barracks, which is actually within old Furth, was located only 3 city streets [they do not call them "blocks" there] away from our apartment. I had several friends who lived in housing on this small post, and I often visited with them there.

St. Michael's Cathedral was only 4 city streets from our apartment, and I could hear its bells throughout the day and evening. It was a lovely, comforting feeling, as I was often far from any family!

The city did have strausse's or streetcars. And yes, we rode them a few times. However, my comprehension of the language was never the best. Oh, I could usually make myself understood... with gestures and written addresses! And "Vie viel cossten sie?" became my personal byword! [Interpreted as "How much does it cost?" LOL] Lucky for me, I understood much more than I could speak!

I spent two years in Germany. The first 8 months right here in Furth. And I loved every single moment of it!!!

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