Monday, February 14, 2011

Amanuensis Monday... Joseph Wiseman Files For Pension

State of Virginia
Monroe County

    On this 27th day of November 1832 personally
appeared before me, Hugh Caperton, a magistrate in afor
said County and made oath according to law, that he was
drafted, he thinks, in the month of July 1776 in the country of
Berks and State of Pennsylvania to serve a tour of duty of
three months, as a soldier in the army of the Revolution
in Captain Thomas Perry's Company, that he did serve
in said company the full term of three months & then was
discharged in the City of Philadelphia; that in the
month of August or September 1778, he volunteered to serve in Captain
Nickell's Company for a term of nine months & that he did
serve in said company, in the Carolina's the full term of
of [sic] nine months according to his engagement at the end of
which time, he received a written discharge from Cpt. Nickell
for said service as a soldier, during this time of service of
nine months he was under the command of Col. Sack and Gen. Rutherford
that was in actual service in the Army of
the Revolution as a common soldier the full term of one
year; besides being on personal furlough for the space of
three months, having substituted to serve in the _____[illegible] of a
man, whose name he has forgotten; that he was born
in the year 1759 in the County of Berks and State of Virginia
Pennsylvania, as he has read the records of it in his Father's
bible, from which he recorded it in his own bible which is
now in his possession that he did on the 22nd day of August
1832 in the County Court of Monroe make his declaration
upon oath stating more particularly his service in detail,
that he is known in his personal neighborhood to William
Rice, James Mann, William _____[illegible] and Rev. David
Riffe who can testify as to his character for honesty,
and their belief as to his services as a soldier of the

                                                          Joseph Wiseman

Sworn to & Subscribed before
me the 27 day of November 1832
Hugh Caperton, J.P.

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