Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sentimental Sunday

This photo was taken in the fall of 2007. On the left you will see my Dad standing behind my Mom [Walter and Lois Beane]. On the right are their best friends, of more than 50 years, Betty Jo and Bob Lobdell.

So often we forget to include our best friends in our genealogical and family stories. I hope I can always remember to include them! You see, they are so much an integral part of our lives! And this is the prime example of why these friends have to be included in the stories of my ancestry.


You see, in 1958, Betty Jo introduced a young WAC [Women’s Army Corps] soldier to a young US Navy sailor, in San Francisco, California, where they were both stationed at the time. And if not for the intervention of Betty Jo’s introduction, the two might never have met, and married.

Yep, if not for Betty Jo, I might very well never have been born!

And that is why this couple HAS a place of prominence in my family history when it is told.

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reh ncw said...

Great reminder to include our good friends, we also like to include pets, cars, homes and favorite vacation spots. They all add to our experience of life. Going through census, and town maps --- neighbors and repeating surnames also leans to understand people more. Do you remember what the "friends" enjoyed doing??? weekly card and dinner nights?? traveling together???