Thursday, March 18, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday

This is a two page document, written by hand in Spanish. Here is the translation of the above [first] page:


For the years of 1826 and 1827. '28, '29, '20 and '31



Town of [San Felipe de] Austin

March 19, 1830.

The preceding petitio of George Tenell is admitted and the tract he requests is declared vacant and ordered surveyed by surveyor Horation Chriesman so that the corresponding title may be issued.



Honorable Commissioner of the Coast Reserve:

[I,] George Tennell [Tennille], a native of the United States of the North, [appear] before you with the greatest respect and say: That I have bee in this colony with my family and property four years on a tract in the coast reserve, which is why I have still not received legal possession [of it], eve though I have been admitted by the Honorable Empressario Austin under the contract he made with the Supreme Government of this State for the settlement of three hundred families in the coast reserve of this jurisdiction, for which reason I apply to you so that you may be pleased to grant me one league of land at the place where I hae settled so as to include my improvements, the tract where I have settled being located back of the league grated to Martin Varner, with the uderstanding that I offer to comply with the provisions of the law on this matter and to satisfy the fees associated with its acquisition.

Therefore, I ask and pray that you may be pleased to do as I have set forth, wherein I shall receive justice.

Town of [San Felipe de] Austin, March 12, 1830

[s] George Tennille

**End Page One of Document

This is for one of the very first land grants for Austin’s Colony in Texas.

This is a copy that belonged to the Texican’s maternal great-great-great-great-grandfather, George Tennille, Sr.

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reh ncw said...

very cool---I also have a hand-written document written in Spanish. I hope to have it translated soon. Thank you for posting this very interesting document.