Monday, March 15, 2010

Madness Monday

Madness Monday

There have been several things that have driven me quite “mad” during the past couple of weeks. The greatest of which was when my computer crashed due to a virus! [Thankfully I learned a few years ago – from the great folks in this genealogy circle – to make multiple backup copies! So I was fully prepared for the event!] What I wasn’t prepared for, was being without a computer for two weeks while my laptop was being repaired, and while I was waiting shipment of my new desktop PC!

I had to make do with the occasional trip to the library [ugh!]. I live in a very rural area, and our tiny library has exactly ONE [yes, you read that right!], ONE community computer! I would sign in to use the computer, and don’t you know, I’d end up waiting for 2 hours to use it. Only to find out that I was limited to 30 minutes of use at a time! All I could do is skim over my emails, and pull what seemed the most important. Send my clients a quick note and let them know I hadn’t forgotten them, after an explanation as to why I was unable to communicate at the moment. And then an even quicker skim over Google Reader to catch what appeared to be the most important news from there.

It was a VERY LONG two weeks!

The good news is that I now have a brand new computer for my desk, and my old laptop is relegated to being a laptop alone! So, I have the portability I need for making quick trips to the library, FHL, and historical society or courthouse.

But it was, regardless of this now happy conclusion, quite the “maddening” event!


reh ncw said...

Yes it does sound very fustrating but we are very glad you perserved. We love hearing from you,

Mary said...

I'm glad you are back in business. Computers are great but can be a pain. Mine are both very old (7 & 8 years)...I dread when they die. I do have a Blackberry that I can use for emergencies. Gotta love technology