Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Fearless Females - March 16th

Thanks to the Accidental Genealogist for the Blogging Prompts for Fearless Females for March!
March 16 — If you could have lunch with any female family member (living or dead) or any famous female who would it be and why? Where would you go? What would you eat?

If I could have lunch with any famous female, I think that I would like to have lunch with Dolly Payne Todd Madison, wife of President James Madison.

You might think that a rather odd choice. But, the reason I would choose her, is because she was a woman who chose to do everything in her power to keep this nation united at a time of great turmoil [Washington was burned, literally, to the ground while she was living there!]. At this time of unrest [read any news site and you’ll see the controversy over our President, financial situation, employment problems, and the list goes on and on!] I would like to get her ideas on ways to campaign to bring this country back together. To give us that united feeling once more! To help us to find that pride in our country, our family, and our heritage that once was so abundant in this nation!

Dolly Madison was an outspoken woman, and I can only imagine that she would have a very strong opinion on what is happening in this nation today!

Where would we go for our lunch?

The White House Lawn, for a picnic.

What would we have?

Southern fried chicken, deviled quail eggs, parker house rolls, and white wine. And for dessert? A thin slice of triple-layered chocolate mousse cake. Oh, heaven

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