Monday, March 8, 2010

I Am Back!

Who knew it could happen a second time?

I mean, it had happened once to me already. So, just who thought it would, or could, happen again?

A major computer crash. That's what I'm talking about!

My first computer crash was literally a melt down. [Yes, literally.] I was using an HP laptop. And I mean a very expensive [spelled "thousands" of dollars], and guess what? The cooling fan malfunctioned and the hard drive melted. Yep. It cost me over $800 to have my files extracted that time.

Yep... you already guessed it. I didn't have a single thing backed up! [Talk about a nightmare!] I went into a serious panic back then!

That was in 2006. And I have been a fanatic about backing up files ever since. Daily I did computer backup. Then I did backup to an external hard drive, as well as relying on Mozy, for off-site backup. And I swore I'd never keep any files on my computer's hard drive ever again! Well, even with all of that I managed to still have quite an extensive amount of files saved on my computer's hard drive by ten days ago.

And then, I clicked on my toolbar. Yep. A toolbar. And within five minutes I saw my hard drive crash. I could see multiple [literally hundreds of] windows popping up, informing me that a trojan had sent forth its charges. My computer would not shut down. And my anti-virus , while updated only 5 days before, was not prepared for this new onslaught. [Lesson: update anti-virus at least every other day!]

Well, my computer is still down for repair. They may still have to wipe the drive and begin fresh, as the virus is "undetermined".

In the meantime, I got another computer, and am busily setting it up. My external hard drive was protected, so no problems there. But the files I had put on my computers hard drive, I am now retrieving from Mozy. It is well worth the cost of $55 a year. But unless you choose to order CD restoration [which will cost you another $75] it is time consuming. Always a penny-saver, I am taking the laborious route and taking the time to retrieve the files manually [which I am quite pleased to say are safe and are easily transferred to the new computer - although quite time involved].

I do hope to begin to blog once more beginning tomorrow or Wednesday at the latest. So I ask my dear blog friends and readers to bear with me!

Thank you to everyone who has emailed, or for the two who have called, to check on me! Once my other computer is back up and running, I will have a spare, and so I shouldn't ever have to complain about not being able to work due to a malfunction!

I did miss all of the excitement with the GeneaOlympics, and the initial 'Who Do You Think You Are?' posts! But I was reading all about them daily at the library and on the weekend with my hubby's notepad. [Sorry, but I will never be able to use such a tiny keyboard! Ugh! And I simply cannot abide texting or messaging on the cell phone!]

I did see Sarah Jessica Parker's genealogy hunt on WDYTYA Friday night. And I am impressed. Much more so than with PBS's "Faces of America", and I immensely enjoyed that. Looking forward to more this week! NBC, Ancestry, and Wall to Wall media have done an extraordinary job.

I have had my nose plugged into Megan Smolenyak Smolenyak's companion book since it arrived! What a great job Megan! I am so impressed. It is aimed at not just the novice, but everyone! I can see things fresh and anew. What a great work she has done! [I'm ordering copies for my kids now! Trying to get them involved in researching their ancestry. I want them involved! Otherwise, all of my hard work will be left to the county historical society and library when I am gone.And how sad that makes me!!!]

Is everyone else as impressed with Megan's book as I am?

The only thing I'd like to see now is NBC take some of the "commoner's" [non-celebrity individuals] of our country and attempt to perform some research on lines that they [those individuals] would like researched. Hey, I'd stand in line two or three days [or longer!] if they'd consider taking on my brick wall! How about you?

I'll see you in my next post!

Have a wonderful Monday!

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A rootdigger said...

For me on a fixed income, I found a loss of the computer a real nite mare. Not being able to blog,no contact. Lots of times, you go to a place that allows you to use one, you worry about hackers, and often times the will say no emailing etc.

I hope to get more familar with my virus protection program. I noticed slowness while the program was running and i would restart. I discovered then that the virus protection did not restart itself.
We really need them, just the nicest places can carry the virus.

You just reminded me to shut mine off more, cause my little lap top can get pretty hot.

I have to wonder how those viruses all of a sudden appear.

Glad your blogging.